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5 Tips to Raise More Money in a Down Economy

The state of the economy has certainly been the talk in our industry, especially as it relates to giving forecasts as we approach the holidays. However, it’s not all doom and gloom. Even during the last recession (2001), individual giving still rose from the previous year- though at a paltry .5% increase and when adjusted for inflation was actually a decrease (source:

Here are 5 quick tips for a successful fundraising campaign this year to try and break the trend:

  1. Be honest. Mention the economy in your appeal. One of the reasons people give is to help others not so fortunate.
  2. Offer an upgrade path. As outlined in my previous blog entry, encourage people to give more than in the past (while still offering their same support level).
  3. Offer a monthly giving program or pledge option. Donors usually contribute more when they have the ability to spread out payments over time.
  4. Offer a credit card option. Average donations for credit card gifts are up to 20% higher than other forms of payment.
  5. Be persistent. The number one reason people give is that they are asked. In fact, it usually takes 3 to 4 ‘impressions’ before people make a donation.

Any more ideas? Share them here!

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