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A “better way” for nonprofits and government to partner to address poverty

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Throughout June, Urban Institute scholars will offer evidence-based ideas for reducing poverty and increasing opportunity.

It was no surprise that House Speaker Paul Ryan unveiled the House Republicans’ antipoverty plan alongside nonprofit leaders and in front of the nonprofit House of Help City of Hope, a residential substance abuse treatment facility. It is testament to the crucial role that nonprofit organizations play in partnership with government, working on the front lines to expand opportunity for people living in poverty.

The degree to which government relies on nonprofit organizations to meet its service delivery obligations has grown considerably since the 1960s, with the share of nonprofits’ funding from government grants and contracts reaching nearly one-third of all reported revenues.

In the antipoverty plan, House Republicans acknowledge the value of this partnership and highlight the continued importance of nonprofits in their vision for policy solutions moving forward. What is not directly addressed in the plan, however, is whether action will be taken to address the problematic practices in the government-nonprofit contracting relationship that have and, if left unaddressed, will continue to hinder the effectiveness of government’s nonprofit partners.

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Author: Shena Ashley

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