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How to Create the Best Fundraising Videos

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A well-crafted video can forge that essential emotional connection with its audience in a matter of seconds, the kind of connection that inspires the viewer to take action.

The positive results that a visual message helps generate for fundraising campaigns has made video a fundamental tool in the arsenal for nonprofit groups. The best fundraising videos employ the same care in planning and execution as traditional media and have a firm grasp of the audience and what the video needs to achieve.

Know Your Goal

Planning your video starts with a few key questions:

  • What do you need to accomplish with the video?
  • Who is the audience?
  • What action do you need them to take?
  • Which channels will reach the audience you’re targeting?

Remember that the best fundraising videos are made first and foremost with the intention of raising money. Your video should engage them in caring about the story you’re telling so that they’ll respond to the call of action at the end.

Charity Water helps bring safe, clean water to developing nations. One of its fundraising videos draws the viewer into a story that describes the difficulties experienced in parts of the world where clean water is scarce. It then explains what Charity Water is doing to help. The video ends by urging the viewer to make a difference with small donations to Charity Water. The entire video is about a minute and a half in length.

Production Values

Keep your videos as professional in quality as resources allow. Ideally, you should hire a professional for filming. If that’s not possible, use the best equipment you can. Edit fiercely. Short and focused fundraising videos work best.

Your group can create a compelling message with modest resources. Dressember uses fashion to abolish modern-day slavery and explains its purpose in a minute-long video. Several women speak one after the other to relay the movement’s message. The video generates a sense of intimacy with the audience through the simple devices of close-ups and a spare musical score.

Format for Multiple Screens

Many viewers will be viewing your video on mobile screens, so make sure your video is formatted for a variety of screen sizes. Then post the completed video on multiple video-sharing sites and encourage viewers to share it.

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