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Donor Retention Improvement Could Be Just One Report Away

Hopefully by now all your end of year donations have been processed, your donors acknowledged and you’re probably busy with generating reports on your fundraising performance last year. Although it is always more fun to focus on your successes, I believe that one of the most important and useful reports you can run at the end of the year is the Last Year But Unfortunately Not This Year (LYBUNT) report. The report shows donors that gave to your organization last year, but didn’t give to your organization this year. If you are like most non-profits, the report will be quite lengthy, but there are actually several things that you can do with this data to help you improve your donor retention. Here are three ideas worth your consideration:

1) Re-solicit them – In many cases, these individuals may simply not realize that they didn’t give to your organization. A postcard, letter or email that let’s them know they didn’t and how valuable their support is to your organization can be quite effective. For larger donors, a call is worthwhile.

2) Find out why they didn’t give – Email surveys are a quick and easy way to learn more about why they didn’t give. Obviously the key is carefully review the feedback and identify ways your organization can improve.

3) Promote pre-authorized monthly or quarterly giving – Donors participating in such programs are much much more likely to be retained from year-to-year, since a correctly designed process makes continuity of giving automatic. DonorPerfect makes it easy to manage these recurring gift programs.

Remember, it is much harder to find a new donor than to keep the donors you already have.

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