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Don’t forget your Backbone!

I was driving through Florida yesterday on my way to a conference, when I realized I was very close to the headquarters of Save the Manatees. A fantastic organization, I’ve known them (and specifically Connie Graham, the program director) for over 5 years when they first purchased DonorPerfect for their membership based organization.

I called information, and within 15 minutes I was talking to my old friend and we laughed about everything that’s happened over the last few years, including the good (they had a spectacular holiday fundraising season), and the not-so-good (our issues with their first data conversion, which I personally had to redo and can luckily laugh about 5 years later).

Though I’m no longer in direct sales or in support (though occasionally I still wear those hats), it was great to see my friend doing so well and she was genuinely touched that I took the 10 minutes to stop by. I thanked her, and as a parting gift, she gave me a ‘manatee Purse’ that I know my 6 year old daughter will absolutely love.

In fundraising, it’s also important to take the time to thank your long-time supporters. All to often we overlook this group of donors/staff/volunteers that form the backbone of an organization. Give them a shout, pat them on the back, or if you’re like me and driving around in the middle of Florida, call information and pay them a visit- you’ll both appreciate it!

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