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Easy Fundraising Ideas that Get Results

Fundraising for a nonprofit is always a chief part of your operation, and it often occupies a lot of your time and resources. With the advent of the internet, however, things are exponentially easier. Now, we’re not saying fundraising in the digital age doesn’t require a full strategy and some creativity. However, there are loads of easy fundraising ideas that will get you real results without the need to canvas your neighborhood looking for donations or setting up a car wash.

1. Tap into Crowdfunding Resources

Online crowdfunding takes just minutes to set up, yet it can quickly bring in loads of cash to your nonprofit. Leveraging the power of storytelling and social media, crowdfunding campaigns let people give small amounts of cash that add up to a big fundraising win. Creating a crowdfunding campaign is easy given how many online platforms are available for this modern fundraising method.

2. Get a Social Media Influencer on Board

Finding a champion for your cause can also increase your fundraising efforts in no time. With a link to your crowdfunding campaign page or other fundraising website, it takes just a few minutes to craft a compelling social media post that will drive visitors to donate a few dollars. Even if you can’t get a celebrity on board, finding a local radio station or other organization with a strong social media following to promote your campaign can be very helpful.

3. Set Up a Text-to-Give Campaign

People are spending more and more time on their phones. They’re buying plane tickets, choosing their next first date — and donating to charity. Set up a text-to-give campaign, and your donors can send funds in just a few seconds. How does it work? Sign up with a text-to-give platform and get a unique phone number. Then, take to social media, text, or send an email to encourage your supporters to text the phone number to donate.

4. Hold a 50/50 Raffle

If you’re looking to get face-to-face with donors, there are still a few easy ways to raise money. You don’t have to throw an elaborate gala or organize a 5K. One of the easiest ways to throw an in-person event is a 50/50 raffle. Each attendee can buy a raffle ticket (or 10) and put it into a fish bowl. At the end of the night, you’ll draw a winner who takes home 50 percent of the winnings, while you keep the rest for your organization.

5. Have an Online Auction

Online auctions are another relatively simple way to raise funds. Get a local artist to donate some unique pieces, be they painted canvases or intricate sculptures. Once you have your art inventory in hand, running your auction is as easy as setting a date and time, advertising your fundraiser, and signing up for auction software that facilitates the online event.

Easy fundraising ideas still take planning and commitment, but these simple efforts can make a big difference for fledgling organizations or nonprofits that don’t have the resources for a big event. In this day and age, crowdfunding can even raise more money than a traditional fundraiser. After all, online events help you reach a broader audience. Set up an easy fundraiser today, and you could have more money to help people within days.

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