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Recurring Gift Processing with EFT Leads to Great Results

DonorPerfect Online’s EFT recurring gift processing has been very successful, with a lot of data to prove it. A recent improvement provides users with a better system to deal with transactions that failed to process. How?

  • Enhanced the reporting of why the transaction failed and made it easier to email or call donors to get updated credit card or bank account data.
  • Color-coded information on the likelihood that a transaction will be successful before you process a batch.

The Results: failed transactions were reduced by 60%!

We’ve also received positive feedback from clients on many of the other improvements, so if your nonprofit doesn’t currently use our built-in recurring gifts feature, try it out!

Bonus Tip #1: The best way to ensure recurring gifts process successfully is to get bank account data (99.8% success) instead of credit card (93% success) data.

Bonus Tip #2: – Download our Monthly Giving Kit using the form below to learn how to start a recurring gifts program using our EFT feature.

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