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Fundraising Methodology Improves Results

Donor management software is a great tool for helping nonprofits achieve success by following a fundraising methodology. In the end, it’s only as good as the data and time you put into it, but if properly used, it can help you measure success, execute on your plan, improve performance, save time, and improve your results.

Here’s a great example of how a donor management system provides a systematic way to help improve fundraising success. Greg Steinberger of Hillel at the University of Wisconsin – Madison said:

“At first, we weren’t really using all of DonorPerfect’s features – it was just a place to hold our data. But we became more serious about following the fundraising methodology DonorPerfect has developed. Over the years, we created all the flags, mail codes and solicitation codes that are the core of the system. This helps with our targeting of solicitations, follow-up activities and the evaluation of our fundraising efforts.”

“Now, no matter what the solicitation, we always enter the results back into DonorPerfect. For example, we set up future contacts if we’re unable to reach them over the phone. And when a pledge or gift is received, the data is entered and DonorPerfect automatically generates the pledge reminders and gift acknowledgments.”

The Results?

“Since then, we have quadrupled our donor database. Last year, we had roughly 2,500 gifts, a record number. We’ve raised the $14 million for the new building thanks to the successful capital campaign, and now we’re completing the final phase, which is the $3 million endowment. This is in addition to raising the funds we need to cover our regular expenses. I can honestly say we would not have had all this success without DonorPerfect.”

You can read more about their story here:

The right tools, coupled with a winning formula from strategy to execution to measurement to adjustment to evaluation, will help you improve results for your mission.

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