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Get Personal!

As the holidays approach, the bulk of your fundraising mailings fly out the door, while you hope (and pray) your expected returns remain the same from last year.

Now that you have the donations coming in, it’s time to get personal!

Everyone knows that acknowledging a donor and their gift is the right thing to do- and quickly. Unfortunately, this very important activity sometimes is placed on the back burner, with donors not receiving acknowledgments for days, weeks, sometimes never!

While DonorPerfect can easily help you create and process these “Thank You” letters, it’s still up to you to include a personal note on each one. This personal interaction is critical in a world where your donors are inundated with messages every day.

Even a simple note, in your own handwriting, such as “We really needed you help this year- Thanks!” can do wonders in the eyes of your donors. They FEEL more connected, which recognizes and motivates them to give again.

Try it when you process your next batch of acknowledgments. In a short time, you’ll find that your donations will increase, and the return on this small investment will be very worthwhile.

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