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Give Your Donation Form a Whole New Look!

Treat your website’s donation form like the essential donor destination it is!

As you kick-off your year-end fundraising efforts, you should ask yourself this important question:

Here are 2 things to think about:

FIRST: Send your website to someone outside of your organization and time how long it takes them to spot your donation form. If they see it right away, you’re set! If it takes a minute, consider repositioning the form in a place where potential donors can’t miss it.

SECOND:Once you’re on the donation form, check out whether or not its design reflects your organization’s logo and preferred colors.
If you decide the form does need a makeover, good news! If you’re a WebLink client, it’s easy to switch up the look and feel of your donation form with WebLink’s Form Styler.

Check out these 2 super-simple tutorials on how to give your WebLink online donation form a fresh new look!

The Essential Form Styler Overview

50-Second Form Styler Tutorial Video

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