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Introducing the TechSoup Ambassador Program

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For years, TechSoup supporters have said to us, “I love TechSoup; what can I do to help?”
We present you the TechSoup Ambassador Program, TechSoup’s very own volunteer program and community. This program provides the tools for TechSoup supporters to help nonprofits take full advantage of all that TechSoup has to offer. We offer fun activities to choose from and rewards based on desired level of involvement and expertise.
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Do you work for a nonprofit?
Do you have friends working at a nonprofit?
Do you have nonprofit clients or partners?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are a great fit for our ambassador program. TechSoup ambassadors are our on-the-ground social sector champions. We welcome anyone who has a passion for empowering nonprofits. Check out some tweets from our current ambassadors, explaining why they decided to become ambassadors.

Proud to take part in this legacy. Here's how you can become an ambassador for the world's largest #tech provider to #nonprofits, @TechSoup.

NetSquared, a project of project, attracted me to become @TechSoup Ambassador. #tsambassador
Expect to see some more of this logo as 50+ @TechSoup ambassadors get to work – announcement coming
Joining the ambassador program can not only build technical skills, connections, and reputation, but also places ambassadors into a larger community of other socially minded professionals.

Our current ambassadors are a dedicated group, helping nonprofits in their networks to elevate civil society. They’ve been trained on our mission and services, engage in a range of volunteer activities, and give feedback for general improvements to TechSoup.

These ambassadors represent organizations from all mission types and walks of life, helping us spread awareness of TechSoup to support the entire sector.
Sign up for the TechSoup Ambassador Program Course to join our program. The course is designed for
TechSoup ambassadors to learn about TechSoup’s brand and understand the role and benefits of a TechSoup ambassador. This course is also where you will be engaging in specific ambassador activities and connecting with fellow ambassadors. After completing this course, you will be able to

  • understand the core services TechSoup provides for nonprofits
  • understand the ambassador role, program details, and rewards
  • identify ambassador activities that fit your expertise and personal goals
  • use the platform tools to engage in certain ambassador activities 

Join the course

If this is your first time accessing TechSoup Courses, our online learning platform, please remember that you will need to create an account before registering for any course. Note that this account will be different from your login.

We’re excited to continue working with our ambassadors, and to see what they bring to our community! For questions, please contact ambassadors [at] techsoup [dot] org.


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