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“What type of Executive Leader are you?”

Do you make all of the decisions within your organization and then inform everyone of your decision?

Do you take your marching orders from the board, without any input?

Are you and the board making decisions together with equal opportunities for input?

Agency Executives come to the table with different skill sets. Often the job of the Agency Professional can be overwhelming. Without a doubt, the job of the Agency Executive is no small endeavor. Every Agency Executive, at some time in their career, struggles with the rigors of the performing the functions of leading nonprofits.

Help is on the way!

Executive Coaching offer by Diversified Nonprofit Services

DNS offers four of its Team Members, who collectively possess more than 120 years of success at the Agency Executive position in the nonprofit sector. These masters of the sector are prepared to guide you through the trials and tribulations of leading a nonprofit in today’s world.

Your DNS Coach will focus on the following:

  • Assessing your current skills and how they fit in the model of The Perfect Nonprofit Executive.
  • Developing a Professional Development Plan to move you to success in your position.
  • Teaching you effective tactics and strategies to implement when making tough decisions.
  • Coaching you on effective listening techniques to increase understanding of others.
  • Working with small and large groups to produce effective and satisfying results.

Traits of The Perfect Nonprofit Executive

  • Exhibit Humility: The Agency Executive who exhibits humility is seen as approachable and not self serving.
  • Create Organizational Synergy: The Agency Executive must create an environment within the organization that allows ALL organizational stakeholders to feel they are an important and valued part of the team.
  • Focus on the Important: The Perfect Nonprofit Executive is able to keep the organization focused on what is important within the organization. This allows energy to the directed in a positive fashion.
  • Ensure Balance: The Agency Executive creates balance in and between personal and professional activities.
  • Find Value in Everyone: The Perfect Nonprofit Executive finds time to encourage and find value in all agency supporters and stakeholders.

For more information on this exciting service that can literally change the future of your organization call (972) 722-8199 or email Kevin Bingham

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