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Are you giving donors the respect they deserve?
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Are you giving donors the respect they deserve?

Noted author Kim Klein wrote in the November/December 2006 issue of Grassroots Fundraising Journal: “Most money given away in the private sector comes from individuals, and most of the gifts are from middle class, working class and poor people. That’s most people: 91 percent of Americans earn less than $100,000 per year, and 70 percent of adults give away money. More than half receive no tax benefit for their giving because they file a short tax form.”

With this as a backdrop, I have a serious question that nonprofit organizations need to think about. Why do nonprofits ignore the “little guys?”

In the media you hear about the multi-million dollar contributions and about the large foundation gifts and how wonderful and meaningful these gifts are to the nonprofit but what about the person who gives the today’s equivalent of the “widow’s mite?”

What about them? What are you doing today to make sure all your donors genuinely feel that you care about them and appreciate their contribution?

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