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Better to Give than Receive
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Better to Give than Receive

Unfortunately, the pursuit of the all mighty dollar, which I might add is not all that mighty anymore, seems to still be top priority of so many in our society.

The perfect high paying job, the prestigious career and corner office with a view are common shared goals. Yet the pace to keep up and the push to do “just a little more” is comparable to bailing a sinking boat with a bucket full of holes.

Coupled with the frantic pace in our lives we sometimes hear a distant message often mentioned on Sunday morning: “It is better to give than to receive!”

With our mind and heart disconnected, this phrase becomes a skeptic’s fodder where the bolder among us are likely to verbalize a response back saying: “Yeah, right!”

Recently, however, the Journal of Science published research from the University of British Columbia that confirmed a past study conducted at Harvard University that found people that took an active roll in doing something for others were in fact happier than those that don’t.

In short, how we spend our money, not how much money we spend, has more effect on our happiness that we realize.

“Real giving” goes far beyond the dollars we give. The gift of a smile is hard to measure, but it counts. By the way, science has also proven it is good for you too!

The gift of giving your time and attention to others by stopping and purposely hearing someone else’s life story is immeasurable.

You might ask: Why? Well, it is really quite simple when you think about it. Money is a commodity that can be made and replicated. However, our time, on earth is finite. How we spend each moment, therefore, is up to us but every second is one tick towards our last.

Sometimes I think we all hope the road in life could be a very long straight path with maybe a few slight curves. We typically are not fond of stop lights or pot holes. Yet, in reality, having to yield and make detours is part of what keeps life interesting.

In the end ultimately it is your decision to determine the path you take and likewise it is your choice to be a giver or a taker along the way. Enjoy the ride!

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