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Customer Service And Your Nonprofit

Depending on how old you might be you might remember a time in your life when you went to a retail establishment or a restaurant and actually had decent service. The person assisting you actually wanted to help you and see that you found or received what you were buying. It also seems that the smaller amount of time where actual contact is made the worse the service. A case in point is the preverbal drive thru window. I have almost gotten to the point now at some locations when I pull up to give my order I want to just tell them I am going to give them ten dollars and just put whatever they want to in the bag because that is what is going to happen anyway.

Nonprofits also need to take note in this conversation. What are you giving back to your donors for the contribution they give? That is right, I am asking what you are

Do you think you need to do nothing or have no responsibility? Unfortunately I think many nonprofits actually do feel as if the donor is somehow being privileged by giving!

It reminds me of an instance that happened some time ago. My wife and I were in a restaurant and had finished a decent meal but nothing to brag about. Our waitress was a much older woman that obviously had no ability to retire from working and her demeanor was one of a forced labor camp worker breaking big rocks into small ones versus anything possibly pleasant. When it came time for a desert selection I asked her about a specific pie and her reply was, “Yea, well what about it!”

My point for this story, wondering out loud, is your nonprofit giving your donors the same snide treatment and response? I hate to have to beg to know if my donation is appreciated. Likewise, I need to know it made a difference and getting a receipt is not validation enough for me, sorry.

Maybe because I am getting older I’m now getting more set in my ways and expect too much. Obviously the generation of today is extremely different than my own as my parents generation was to me.

However, I’ll end with this last question. Without the donor where would the nonprofit be?

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