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Donors Need A REAL Reason To Care
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Donors Need A REAL Reason To Care

If you are a nonprofit and wonder why you can’t raise money then you need to ask yourself this question. Has the nonprofit given donors a real reason to care?

Regardless of what you might assume, just because your organization is considered a nonprofit, your potential donors are not necessarily going to be impressed that your motivation for being in existence is not to make money but to help people. This point is a given.

Your organization must be able to make a case statement of why it is important for your organization to be in existence and why your organization is qualified to do the service work that you might do.

Most donors are motivated by the individuals that are involved with the nonprofit versus reading a fancy brochure or by hearing an emotional appeal. Sure brochures and emotional appeals work but for the long term you have to make a personal connection!

The biggest investment any nonprofit can make to building a solid donor base is the investment of time!

Spending Time Building A Relationship + Telling Your Organizational Story = Your Contribution Potential

If you decide as a nonprofit to limit your contact with donors to only impersonal means i.e. email updates, newsletters, direct mail pieces then you will reap what you sow.

In order to build a strong base of support you have to spend quality time with your donors to find out what their interests are and when possible find ways to match their interests to your organization.

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