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Finding Paradise
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Finding Paradise

While this topic might not appear to be germane to the nonprofit arena, I believe it is actually very relevant. First, most nonprofits it seems are all striving for what can only be described as a state of nirvana, and no I am not referring to the American grunge band!

The number one asset of any nonprofit organization are its’ employees. How the staff feels and thinks are critical to the organization and their future.

Most of us as individuals are fairly optimistic and truly believe that something better is always just around the corner. While there is nothing wrong with this attitude I think we also tell ourselves a few little lies along the way. If, we try a little harder, and do certain things “right” then we will find the answer and finally arrive at the destination we call paradise.

The trouble with this thought process is that we sometimes forget to live in today and to borrow a phrase: “Be All You Can Be.” We keep waiting for tomorrow, ignoring today.

Another slight problem we might face in moving toward this perfection is the simple fact when we finally get to where we are going, the bubble seems to pop. Things don’t seem as good or quite like you expected and your views change. Please note I said YOUR view.

Wherever you go, you take yourself with you! If you are not happy now then simply changing your geographic location won’t make a difference.

While nonprofits seem to know how to set goals for the organization itself, I can’t help but wonder how many really stop and ask their employees what matters to them and what they want out of life in general.

I remember one time in my former job a long term employee came to me with what he felt was a problem. He loved this job i.e. the pay mainly, but felt his passion was to really be in law enforcement. He knew he was going to give up a good salary and benefits and was afraid to leave. I reassured him that the best thing for him to do was to follow his heart and follow his passion. I also told him not to worry because if it did not work out he would gladly be hired back because he was a great employee. Regardless, I wanted him to be happy! Right now he is having the time of his life as a motorcycle officer. Every time I see him he has a smile on his face and seems to be truly happy. That to me is what it is all about, finding where you fit, and creating your own paradise.

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