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Growing Your Donor

Did you know that goldfish grow based on the size of the container? My wife and I many years ago purchased a hard shell pond kit from Sam’s Club. This kit contained an upper and lower pond and I think it even had a small circulation pump with the kit. Regardless, we had to purchase the fish and the plants. We went to the pet store and purchased five twenty five cent gold fish that were each about the size of your thumb.

Over the years we lost a few and the rest grew. A full seven years later we had two that were large hand sized and looked more like Kio versus goldfish.

My point is that much like goldfish your donor has the potential to grow larger. How large that donor grows in many ways has a lot to do with the nonprofit and their ability to nurture and create the right environment so this will happen. Again, this does not always happen because there are many obstacles along the way. But the sooner you start, the better your chances, of having that “bigger fish” in the future!

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