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Homeless Shelters, Street Ministries and Safe House Resources

If your nonprofit’s mission involves running a homeless shelter, street ministry, or operating a safe house then this information will be of great benefit to you.

Rarely will I openly promote a company or service unless I think they do such an outstanding job and really deserve a little extra credit. Such is the case with the company Start-Rite, Inc.

Start-Rite, Inc. is a New York based company that started in 1997 by Kim Kelly. Since then the company has expanded from a small business servicing local organizations to a major corporation recognized worldwide.

One of the key differences is that this corporation was formed based on the idea of making a difference! They distribute a wide variety of supplies used to enhance the quality of life for those who need it most with the primary goal being to help those who help others.

Their customers generally are homeless shelters, street ministries, church organizations, outreach programs, day care centers, emergency service providers, hospitals as well as hospice facilities, safe houses, foster homes, elderly care facilities, disaster relief programs, assessment shelters, pregnancy centers, and many more!

A very long time ago I served on the board, and later as president, of our local homeless shelter. If you ever get involved with an organization like this, you quickly find out how much stuff clients consume and how simple things like toothbrushes, shampoo and most importantly deodorant are!

As one example, Start-Rite can provide:

Toothbrush 37 Tuft

Toothpaste .85 oz


Shampoo – Single Application

Soap .5 oz

Razor – Single Edge

For less than a $1.00

When you give out what seems like a ton of stuff like this nightly, you quickly appreciate what an unbelievable deal this truly is. Thanks again Start-Rite, Inc. for a job well done!

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