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How “BOLD” Are Your Donors?
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How “BOLD” Are Your Donors?

From time to time we hear about an individual or couple donating a huge sum of money to a charitable cause. Sometimes the sixty seconds of fame bursts onto your TV screen or is plastered in the newspaper as a hot associated press news article. But as soon as you hear the news your mind wanders off to another topic and you go back to your usual life.

However, at some point in time I came across a unique website called Bolder Giving:
Bolder Giving is an initiative of The Zing Foundation, a nonprofit, 501(c)3 organization (not a grant-making foundation). Bolder Giving and Zing were both started by Anne and Christopher Ellinger, authors of the award-winning book We Gave Away a Fortune and founders of More than Money.

The site is pretty amazing and tells how different individuals of all ages and backgrounds have decided to make a difference and become members of: The 50% League:

The 50% League is an informal association of extraordinary givers who are sharing their stories to inspire others.

50% League members have donated 50% or more of their income or business profits for at least three years, or 50% or more of net worth at some point in their lifetime, to causes that reflect their deepest values. (In contrast, average U.S. giving is under 3% of income.)

They are actively seeking new 50% League members of varied financial means. The only requirement of membership (if you meet the criteria) is to help them create a 300-word account of your giving story, to be shared publicly via their website.

They also invite members to make a donation to support the work, but there are no
dues or required meetings.

This is a very interesting program that will definitely be something to keep an eye on to see how things progress!

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