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Nonprofits Literally Searching For Money

In 2005 co-founders Ken Ramberg and JJ Ramberg launched an internet search portal called GoodSearch that can be found at:

According to the site: “GoodSearch is a search engine which donates 50-percent of its revenue to the charities and schools designated by its users. It’s a simple and compelling concept. You use GoodSearch exactly as you would any other search engine. Because it’s powered by Yahoo!, you get proven search results. The money GoodSearch donates to your cause comes from its advertisers — the users and the organizations do not spend a dime!” Source:

In doing further research scouring their website focusing on the FAQ page and I found several answers to questions I had remaining in my mind:

“We direct a minimum of 50 percent of revenues (this currently equates to about a penny per search) to the nonprofits designated by our audience.”

“All of your searches will count toward donations except for the following: 1) image searches; 2) video searches; 3) “search this site” searches; 4) searches for URL’s (i.e., search terms ending in .com, .org, .net, .edu); 5) searches to sites for which the URL is well known such as HotMail, ESPN, MySpace, Facebook, GMail, AOL, etc.; 6) searches for stock quotes; 7) searches for word definitions, and 8) any searches generated from fraudulent use of the site. “

“GoodSearch will send each organization a check once a year in December for the funds earned during our fiscal year of Oct. 1 through Sept. 30. The minimum check sent is $20. If the organization has earned less than $20, the funds will be allocated on a pro rata basis to those organizations which have met the minimum payment requirement. The more often an organization’s supporters use GoodSearch, the more money that organization will receive. In no event will GoodSearch make payments for any earned balance less than $20.”

There are over 82,000 charities listed to choose from if you decide to use this site, but also remember if your nonprofit is not listed you have the option to add your nonprofit organization at no charge. Note, nonprofits are first verified before they are added to the list so expect a slight delay, but again remember this is free service!

In short, the bottom line concerning this method of fundraising is that it requires large numbers of people to search and use this site. In this case a minimum of 2,000 searches and making sure your organization is designated, before your nonprofit will get paid the minimum twenty dollars.

DISCLAIMER: This information is not intended to provide legal or accounting advice, or to address specific situations. Please consult with your legal or tax advisor to supplement and verify what you learn here.