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The Donor Merry-Go-Round

The pace is frantic; contributions are down because of the economy and it doesn’t look like you are going to see any relief in the near future. Oh, it is true, you have got a few regular contributors that seem to understand and hang in there with you but trying to find new donors is making you pull your hair out. You know your program is doing good work but you’re just one person what can you do?

Unfortunately, this scenario is all too common in the nonprofit arena. The simple fact remains that the vast majority of nonprofits are small and seem to be spread a mile wide and about an inch deep when it comes to having the capacity to pull off what it takes to do everything well. Budgets are indeed tight and nonprofits have always been asked to do more with less. There is nothing new to this chorus!

However, one of the greatest strengths a nonprofit should have is being able to tell their story and if told to the right person connect on a deeper level. Yet it seems the constant daily fires keep the vast majority of executive directors from doing the simple job of connecting with their donors.

Donors to a nonprofit are as important as the air is to our daily life. However, like air, donors are often taken for granted and no real attention is given to them until there is a crisis on the horizon.

There is a deadly cycle that is occurring every day. Donors are fought for and found and the first contribution is given. After that many nonprofits tend to forget the donor exists and fail to realize that the first contribution can be the last unless they take additional action.

What would happen if a farmer decided to just plant a row of seeds in a field and maybe sprinkle a little water on the seeds one time and then just walk away?

Friends, unfortunately this is what many nonprofits are doing on a daily basis! If you don’t have in place a way to connect with your donors then more than likely they will end up forgetting you as fast as you forgot them or end up contributing to someone else’s program other than yours.

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