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What Does Your Nonprofit Deserve?
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What Does Your Nonprofit Deserve?

Most of us think we deserve the best or at least expect the best! We might have caviar tastes on a beer budget or we might be quite the opposite. Nonprofit organizations tend to be a direct reflection of the people who run them. The attitudes and beliefs held by the board members and staff can’t help but be reflected by the organization that is in the public eye.

The act of humility involves the emptying of self by way of not being proud, haughty or pretentious. Having less in this case is having more!

How many nonprofits do you know that are humble, really humble? Lest you be mistaken, I’m not saying that nonprofits should act poor in spirit and be broken. No, that is not what I am suggesting. No one wants to see a beggar, no matter how worthy he or she might be. What appeals to people are individuals who are above reproach and while at the same time have a disposition that is calming yet you can sense just by a casual interaction they have the heart of a lion.

This, my friend, is what in my opinion people look for in a nonprofit as well as in the people who manage them. Ultimately when you boil it all down instead of asking what does your nonprofit deserve you should be asking what your donor deserves. They truly are the ones who deserve the best, because after all, they are paying for it!

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