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Would You Do What You Do, If You Were Not Paid?
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Would You Do What You Do, If You Were Not Paid?

My question is this: Is there a job or a career where a person can focus on really enjoying what they do and at the same time the end result is not measured by a paycheck?

I know most people in the nonprofit arena would tell me this describes their job exactly or many in the teaching profession might say that their “reward” for doing a good job isn’t the money. Obviously, I understand all this. But this does not quite get at the question I guess I have in my mind.

Picture going to a job interview, the person conducting the interview looks over your qualifications and discusses your potential job description of what is expected from you. In the discussion obviously there will be mention of “benefits” i.e. your salary or hourly rate, insurance, days off, etc.

Now ask yourself this question: Would you do this job even if they didn’t pay you a dime? That’s right, would spend your precious time doing something for no money? If so, then what would be your ultimate pay off?

Further picture yourself back at that same interview and ask this question:

“Other than pay, what can I expect from working here that would make me happy and enjoy what I am doing?”

If you really ask this, I doubt you would be offered a job and be labeled as some nut case, so beware!

Wouldn’t it be great to be surrounded by brilliant people who are seeking to accomplish great things and see the possibilities as limitless and refuse to take “No” for an answer!

At the same time working “with” not “for” someone and see money as a tool versus a goal in life and truly be happy and debt free.

The payoff is having a beginning, middle and end to the project and seeing something great accomplished for the effort while being appreciated as an individual. Do “jobs,” “careers,” or “callings” like this exist in the real world or is this just a fantasy? 

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