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Nonprofit Tech Resources: TechSoup Is Your One-Stop Shop

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TechSoup is justifiably famous for our product donations, but we also have great digital and in-person training resources for your charity, foundation, or library. Find out about our trove of how-to articles, weekly webinars, discussion forums, Netsquared in-person training events, and new step-by-step online courses. Here’s what we have for you in the way of learning resources at TechSoup.

TechSoup Courses

TechSoup now has a surprising array of mostly free, self-paced online courses. Launched in August of 2016, TechSoup Courses take you step by step through each training to ensure that you get some good practice in each topic.

TechSoup Webinars

TechSoup hosts free hour-long webinars each week for nonprofits and libraries. These informational sessions feature experts on topics like fundraising, accounting, marketing, storytelling, and many other nonprofit technology topics. The webinar program also demonstrates TechSoup’s many product donations so you can understand what they can do and if they are right for your organization.

How-to Articles

TechSoup has an extensive library of how-to articles across nearly all nonprofit technology topics. Find them here. Some popular articles include

Free In-Person Technology Training Events

TechSoup’s Netsquared program offers free technology training events in cities around the world each month. These are great in-person social events where you can meet nonprofit techies in your locale, learn new skills, and talk shop. Find your closest NetSquared group.

TechSoup Blog

Check out our blog for the latest tech news and TechSoup tips. Here’s a sample of some recent popular blog posts:

Discussion Forums

When you have a specific tech question, these are a great resource. TechSoup hosts discussion forums in various categories so you can talk to experts in each field. Some of our most popular forums include

We also have forums where you can ask for TechSoup program help, and make requests for TechSoup’s technology wish list.

We hope that you take full advantage of our learning resources at TechSoup. All of the content on TechSoup is Creative Commons licensed. This license means you can take our training content, post it on your website, use it in social media, or use it in your trainings or newsletters. Just link the piece back to us to give us attribution. You don’t even need to ask us for permission.

If you have other technology training resources that you find useful, please sign in and tell us!

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