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Responsible Leaders Have 10 Characteristics

This post was originally published here (Management Tips – The NonProfit Times)

It has been said that good leaders know how to wait until they see how the flock is heading and then get in front of them. That might work. But, nowadays the nonprofit sector needs leaders who can get out in front from the get-go and then really lead.

In his book “Thirteeners” Daniel F. Prosser wrote that real leaders are responsible leaders, and he offers his 10 characteristics of responsible leaders.

  • They acknowledge and fully appreciate the law of cause and effect. They believe nothing happens by chance.
  • They are 100 percent responsible for whatever happens, no matter what.
  • They do not hide behind reasons why results are not what they said they would be.
  • They transform the major issues in their lives by first transforming their relationship to circumstances.
  • They rarely utter the word “because.” It’s a word ineffective people hide behind.
  • They uncover the limiting paradigms they are allowing into their organizations and transform them into a stand for what’s possible.
  • They affirm their ultimate power to say how it’s going to be and then they make sure it is that way.
  • They hold themselves and others accountable by making sure everyone in the organization relates to each other according to their professional roles, or “accountabilities.”
  • They are aware of the conversations they engage in and are 100 percent responsible for them.
  • They take complete responsibilities for the conversations that take place in their organizations. For Prosser, this is the most important one.

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