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Secret of Success

I was surfing the Internet last night and came across an interesting blog from Bob Parsons, the CEO of You might know GoDaddy as the absolute cheapest place to register domain (think website) names so people can find you on the Internet. In his blog, he was actually talking about John D. Rockefeller’s success at Standard Oil over 100 years ago.

Basically, the secret is:

Everything that is measured and watched improves.

It sounds simple, doesn’t it? If you are accurately measuring your fundraising results, and watching those results, those results will improve. Why? Because you will have the information you need to make strategic decisions to improve the results.

DonorPerfect can help you watch and improve your results with our detailed analysis reports. These reports (there are over 35 to choose from!) are available just by clicking on Reports, Financial Reports. Probably the best one to start out with is the Comprehensive Donor Revenue Analysis report. This report contains over 26 fundraising statistics that compares the effectiveness of your fundraising efforts versus a prior period. It’s a key report that should be measured and watched often.

As you complete your holiday campaigns, run this report often and you’ll be amazed how your success will grow simply by watching and paying attention to your results at all times.

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