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How to Secure Private and Federal Grants

Darian Rodriguez Heyman shares tried-and-true tips to help you obtain grants in a competitive fundraising space. Record numbers attended our webcast on July 26, 2016. Darian Heyman Rodriguez, a prominent nonprofit expert, author and CEO, shared valuable tips for improving the rate of grant awards. In this webcast titled How to Secure Private & Federal Grants, Mr. Heyman provided tips that can result in a 50% acceptance rate of grant applications!

Mr. Heyman began with an explanation of various types of foundations. Understanding the type of foundation that provides the grants will allow you to identify if they are potential grantors for your programs. Research into the historical awards made and types of programs funded is one of the first steps. Next, elevator pitches should be developed for your organization including the programs you have already implemented and one for the new initiatives that will be undertaken if the grant awards are made. Follow-up after a pitch is made is key in getting the application approved.

As you cast your web amongst a larger, more suitable target of grantors, follow all the advice from Darian and your grant awards will have a higher rate of success.

To hear all of Darian’s tips, watch the video below with the accompanying slides (PDF). Enjoy!

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