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Social Network Fundraising – Price vs. Cost

When talking with smaller nonprofits interested in social network fundraising, the top concern is price. What’s the upfront price? Will we raise enough to cover it? When talking with mid-sized or larger nonprofits, the same questions come in the form of cost. What’s the overall cost, and the cost per donation?

No matter their size, nonprofits need to be able to crunch the numbers and justify funds invested in their online social network efforts. If the numbers don’t add up, or if the nonprofit is not experienced in online event-based fundraising, they may take no action, rather than risk investing the funds, time and effort.

Happily, DonorPages now has an answer that removes any risk. For smaller nonprofits, or for those new to online peer-to-peer fundraising, we now offer DonorPages for the low price of $295 annually, with no set-up fees and a reasonable per transaction rate. For medium and larger sized nonprofits interested in keeping per donation costs low, we offer a very low rate of 2.99% per transaction, along with reasonable set-up and annual fees.

The new low upfront price option allows nonprofits the opportunity to try DonorPages with little financial risk. If they find they are successful, they may well decide to switch to the low per transaction cost model – DonorPages offers clients the opportunity to switch each year to whichever plan makes economic sense.

The true power of DonorPages is that it gives your donors, board members and other constituents the tools they need to easily reach out to friends and family on your behalf. DonorPages has been described as “painless fundraising” because it relieves supporters of making multiple phone calls ,and handling checks and money, and when integrated with DonorPerfect Fundrasing Software, saves time with easy transaction and data import. No matter which pricing option you choose, now is a great time to empower your supporters to become fundraisers.

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