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Strategic Planning

“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will lead you there!”

Do you know where your organization is going?

Do you know the road you are headed down?

Are you on the right road?

If in fact, you are not sure where you are going, you need to look at Strategy Development!!!

The Team Members at Diversified Nonprofit Services can guide your organization through a dynamic planning session that will get your organization on the correct road.

Why should my organization go through a Strategy Development Workshop?

  • The workshop itself will make those who participate invest in the organization, giving your organization multiple stakeholders who are involved in moving it to its Envisioned Future
  • The Strategy Development Workshop allows the organizational leadership to align itself and gain consensus regarding organizational priorities, goals and objectives.
  • As a result of the workshop, you will possess a living plan that is tracked through an intranet site designed specifically for you, which details your plan and tracks your progress.
  • DNS follows your progress to ensure you are hitting your benchmarks. We strategize with you to get your organization past issues that will arise through the execution stage of your work plan.
  • Foundations and individuals who make major gifts often want to see strategic plans and know what the key strategies of an organization are before committing to a large gift.

What about the Workshop?

  • Depending on request and availability, the workshop can be completed in 1 to 2 days.
  • DNS Team Members will help you identify your Core Ideology. The Core lays the foundation for the organization to plan in a successful fashion.
  • Once the foundation is laid, DNS works with you to develop your Envisioned Future. The Envisioned Future identifies the long-term ambition of the organization.
  • Strengths and gaps are identified in order for the organization to identify Key Strategies, which are goals to be completed in 12- 24 months.
  • Agenda Items are developed to assure Key Strategies are addressed in a productive fashion.
  • The organization aligns the agenda items and begins work to move the organization toward its Envisioned Future.
  • To learn more contact Kevin Bingham at (972) 722-8199 or send an email to:

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