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The Essential App for Year-End Fundraising

How many times during the holiday season will you answer the question, “How’s work going?” or “Where do you work now?” If you’re like us, we love telling people where we work, and about all the amazing people we get to help with our software and services. What if you could instantly turn that conversation into a donation? Nonprofits using a mobile fundraising app that integrates with their regular donor management software are doing just that. And more. Every day! Here are three keys to making it work:

Top 3 Ways Nonprofits That Use a Mobile Fundraising App Are More Successful

  • They empower everyone at their nonprofit to be a voice for its mission! Using a mobile fundraising app, all staff (even non-fundraising ones) can accept payments and donations wherever and whenever your nonprofit needs it the most. It could be at an event sponsored by your organization, a presentation for a local service organization or over coffee with friends. Kristin Stevens, from Kannico Agency, one of our DPConnect partners, stresses the importance of being prepared to ask for and accept donations during events, “You have a captive audience. You and your nonprofit cannot afford to pass up this opportunity to garner support, donations and volunteers.” Using a Mobile fundraising app, like DPMobile, positions you for success when opportunities arise.
  • They allocate more of their time and savings directly to their mission. A mobile fundraising app processes payments electronically and securely. There is no need to gather deposits and run to the bank. You’ll save time and get paid faster.
  • They acknowledge donors promptly. A timely receipt not only demonstrates that you’re efficient, but it gives your donor confidence that they made a good decision. Look for a mobile fundraising app that immediately emails a receipt to your donors, thanking them in real-time for their donation.

With DPMobile, our FREE mobile app companion to DonorPerfect Online, anyone at your nonprofit can instantly and securely accept donations right on their phone from anywhere. “Our clients are instantly extending the reach of their fundraising staff using this tool and getting great results” notes Rob Trueman, the senior software development engineer for DPMobile, “We just added the ability to process payments not too long ago, and already we can see that clients using DPMobile receive an average of $2025 in donations per mobile device. That number will only increase as time goes on.”

If you’re ready for your nonprofit to be more successful, consider getting started today with DPMobile. We think it will quickly become an essential part of your year-end fundraising success!

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