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Top 3 School Fundraising Ideas

Anyone who’s ever been in charge of fundraising for a school or nonprofit can understand the numerous challenges that can arise. Fundraising means coming up with a good idea that will engage potential donors and have a high success rate. It also means managing all of the administrative tasks that go along with the event. Thankfully, the advent of new technology means there are better ways to help raise the funds you need. Here are our top school fundraising ideas.

Hosting Events

Events are a fantastic way to raise money in a short time period. School events give community members a way to get involved and feel like they are a part of something beyond just forking over the cash. All kinds of events can help schools raise money, from festivals to performing arts to dances to auctions. You can sell tickets, offer items for sale and ask for direct donations, too.

Hosting annual events can help people remember that the fundraising event will happen at the same time every year. It also gives them time to plan for giving a donation. The events can also be targeted or geared toward one specific project each year, which can bring in new and regular donors alike.


Crowdfunding has become extremely popular in the past couple of years, and for good reason. It has proven to be an extremely effective way of raising money quickly. The benefit of a crowdfunding website is that it offers people a convenient and easy way to donate. It also creates urgency by having a hard deadline.

Crowdfunding is most effective when you want to raise money for something specific, instead of just general fundraising. Numerous platforms are out there, but using one geared toward nonprofit fundraising will provide additional administrative support and create a clearer mission statement for your donors.

Matching Donations

If possible, try to find a local corporate sponsor who will offer to match any donations you receive from a particular fundraising event. This can be an extremely effective way to raise more money, since it instantly doubles any donations you receive. It also encourages more people to donate because they feel like their dollar is going even further. Matching donations are beneficial for the school and the corporation: it gives good publicity by supporting local education and it gets their name out to the whole community.

While there are many ways to raise money for your school, it helps to get creative and try out different approaches. See what resonates best within your community. Good luck and happy fundraising!

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