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Board Member Performance Reviews

Ed Massey, Senior Associate – Diversified Nonprofit Services

Most people I know would rather have dental work than give or receive a performance review!

Imagine the difficulty then of giving performance reviews to volunteers.

Wait a minute you say board members are volunteers and you can’t treat them as paid employees. Quite the contrary, Board volunteers should have criteria established for their performance the same as paid employees of your organization. The criteria should be established and set as Board policy by the Board members with input from professional staff.

The reviews should be conducted by the Board members themselves with input from staff as to what the volunteers accomplished during a set period of time.

In my opinion, this review process will go a long way towards motivating the volunteers when they see that everyone is being held accountable to these criteria. Reviews should be conducted on all volunteers and the committee responsible for doing the reviews should be some of your strongest most influential volunteers. Following this process will help improve Board performance.

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