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Simple Solutions for Complicated Times!

By Kevin Bingham, President – Diversified Nonprofit Services

As this world in which we are living becomes more and more complicated, the nonprofit sector that I know and love so much is being pushed in a direction of diversification and sophistication. The days of a mom and pop nonprofit possessing a single focus seems to be waning. Many of you may say good riddance! Others may hearken for the day when everything was just a little slower and simpler.

Whatever side of that spectrum you sit on, it cannot be disputed that we are living in some very complicated times. While what happens all over the world is within the grasp of our iPhone, it seems that we may just have too much data to digest and process.

I have noticed in my travels across the country, some traits that identify us and many of our colleagues as we navigate our way through the maze that has become nonprofit management and leadership:

  • Most nonprofits do not know or understand their legal responsibilities, nor do they tend to operate legally within their constitution and bylaws.
  • Nonprofit boards are not sure of their role and often are undermanned and afraid to raise adequate resources to fund and grow the organization.
  • Some nonprofit executives do not possess or understand the needed skills to direct the organization they are charged with leading.
  • There is typically no structure or governance model followed by the organization.
  • The organization typically raises money by the seat of their pants with no real strategy or realistic plan for success.
  • Nonprofits do not take the time to evaluate their progress and measure their effectiveness, therefore lacking a real plan for improvement that will lead to better services for clients.
  • Some nonprofits are not mission driven.

While some of these statements may seem ridiculous to you, many good nonprofits in our communities struggle with one or more of them. How many of us can truly say that each and every day, we as leaders of local nonprofits make decisions that are in the best interest of the mission of the organization?

My rationale behind the above statements is to question what steps we are taking in the sector to improve ourselves while enhancing our processes and practices. At DNS, we have been working diligently to develop tools that will develop and enhance your ability as a nonprofit leader to improve your organization. We have launched our diagnostic at You can register and take the diagnostic at no charge. Once you have completed the assessment, you will receive what we are calling your “Perfection Quotient.” This is a detailed report that will identify the steps needed to drive your organization to new heights.

The diagnostic has been developed in conjunction with our Perfect Nonprofit Model, which is part of our new book entitled, The Perfect Nonprofit. The book is predicated on the basis that organizations should strive for balance within what we call six facets of nonprofit management. To learn more about all of this cutting edge developments, visit our website.

In this world that is becoming so complicated, we believe we have developed some simple solutions that will help you to drive your organization to great heights.