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Your Mission, Not Dollars, Should Drive Your Programs
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Your Mission, Not Dollars, Should Drive Your Programs

Connie Condon, Senior Vice President – Diversified Nonprofit Services

Every day across this country and, for that matter, the world, executives of nonprofits struggle to find dollars to support their programs and general operations.

Many times, they seek out funds that are available and change their programming to meet the criteria for securing them. In a short period of time, the dollars begin to drive the programs rather than the mission.

While taking dollars for non-mission driven programs seems like a feasible alternative to cutting hours, layoffs or closing the doors, it is one of the quickest ways to alienate an organization from those who would support it for the effective programs and services that are dictated by its mission.

Budgeting should be based in the core beliefs of the organization and driven by those services that the governing board has deemed critical. It is not looking at what you think you will receive and then determining how to spend it.

Providing well-run, quality programs and services that are mission driven and address the needs of a community will result in the organization having the capacity to secure the funding they require without diluting the very principles upon which it was founded.

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