Nonprofit Questions & Answers

Nonprofit Questions & Answers

This website has been online since 1998 and since that time we have received and answered thousands of questions on many different topics concerning non profits.

Below is a list of questions we have gathered. We hope this will be helpful.

How much money can a nonprofit have or carry over from year to year?

Charitable Solicitation – State Requirements

Elimination of the Advance Ruling Process

Private Foundations Guide To Grant Making

What is a Grant?

Annual Electronic Filing Requirement for Small Exempt Organizations

How Do I Form A Nonprofit?

IRS Form 990 For Tax Exempt Organizations

Political Campaigns and Charities – What Are The Rules?

Public Charities versus Private Foundations – What is the difference?

Exempt Organization Appeal Procedures

A Non-Profit Requirement – Employer Identification Number (EIN)

Employment Taxes for Exempt Organizations

The Value of Money

Charity Auctions and Charitable Deductions

Unrelated Business Income Tax Return

When are charitable receipts required?

Donor Advised Funds

Oh My, The IRS Is Auditing Our Non Profit!

Non-Profit Exemption Requirements

Nonprofit Employment Taxes Toolkit

Can Nonprofits Opt Out Of State Unemployment Taxes?

IRS Investigates Community Foundations

How do I file a complaint against a non-profit?

Receiving Charitable Deduction For Giving A Conservation Easement

When Are Charitable Contributions Deductable?

How can nonprofits dispose of donated items?

Donated Property

Nonprofit Do’s and Don’ts of Operating a Retail Establishment

How Nonprofits Attract Donors

Nonprofit Capacity Building / Organizational Development

Short Cuts… Everyone Wants One In Fundraising!

Nonprofits Need To Understand Their Donor

Where Is My Receipt?

Nonprofit Donor Loyalty

Giving Back To Your Donors

The Adventures of a Nonprofit Consultant

Homeless Shelters, Street Ministries and Safe Houses Resources

Nonprofit Hand Grenades or Horse Shoes

The Three Little Gifts

Refunding a Donation

We Have Past Due Pledges! Now What?

Pennies From Heaven – True Fundraising Story

Understanding The Giving Potential Of Your Community

Planned Giving

Pretending To Care

What Every Board Member Should Know

Steps To Fundraising Success

The Truth About Nonprofits and Multi-Level Marketing Programs

Development Director Faux Pas

Asking for a Contribution the Right Way!

What Does Your Nonprofit Deserve?

Sending A Donation Receipt Via Email

Cause Marketing: Good – Bad – Indifferent

Is “Honoring” Someone Really An Honor?

A Donor Friendly Nonprofit

Director of Appreciation Versus Director of Development

Asking for A Contribution

When a Donor Say’s “No Publicity” What Does This Mean?

Would You Do What You Do, If You Were Not Paid?

Leaving A Legacy

For-Profit World, I Dare You To Take The Nonprofit Challenge

The Ethics Of Hiring A Professional Fundraiser Or Grant Writer

Preparing For A Capital Campaign

Fired Up Fundraising

Hard Issues Facing Nonprofits

Your Nonprofit Guide To Acquiring And Retaining Donors

A Learning Moment For Nonprofits

Understanding Nonprofit Employee Stress

Gates, Buffet and Feeney! Wait, who is Feeney?

Donors Need A REAL Reason To Care

How well do you know your donor?

Volunteers – Do You Love Them or Leave Them!

Are you giving donors the respect they deserve?

Understand Your Donors And Thank Them Properly

Showing Donor Appreciation

The Gift of Self

Understanding the Nonprofit Arena in a Nutshell

Giving Permission To Believe

The Paid Volunteer Oxymoron

Manage By Crisis, Or Not!

Customer Service And Your Nonprofit

How Some Try to Justify a Fundraising Approach

The Donor Merry-Go-Round

The Nonprofit Of The Future – A $100 Challenge

Finding The Right Advice

Giving Circles – Group Philanthropy

Nonprofits Literally Searching For Money

Nonprofit Leadership For The Future

Nonprofit Governance – Are You Accountable?

Nonprofit “Fact Check”

Fatal Flaws Committed By Nonprofits

Starting A Nonprofit

How “BOLD” Are Your Donors?

Understanding The Mind Of Your Donors

Nonprofit Results Oriented Work

How to Treat Your Donors

Better to Give than Receive

Donor Retention and Recognition

Nonprofit Sins

Nonprofit Bottom Fishing

The Nonprofit Arena 2010 Outlook

Money or Happiness? The answer might surprise you!

Understanding IRS CP120 Notice

Preserving your Tax-Exempt Status

Processing Your Exemption Application

What does inure or incurment mean?

Exempt Organizations User Fees

How Do You Connect With Your Donor?

Nonprofit Donor Burnout

What is the difference between nonprofit, tax exempt, and charitable?

When is an organization’s tax-exempt status effective?

What is the difference between section 501(c)(3) and section 170?

What activities can jeopardize tax-exempt status?

Can I get a list of donors to an organization?

Can Nonprofits Lobby?

Can Nonprofits Be Involved In Political Campaign Activity?

The Story of Generous Joe

Nonprofit Survival Tips

What is the difference between a public charity and a private foundation?

Why would an organization file Form 1023, Application for Recognition of Exemption, when it is not required to do so?

What can I do to help ensure that my organization does not unexpectedly lose its public charity classification?

When is Form 990, Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax, due?

Do I really have to show my return to anyone who asks?

Who must file an annual information return?

Can returns of tax-exempt organizations be e-filed?

From Prospect to Donor

Can I take a deduction for a charitable contribution I make to any tax-exempt organization?

Are contributions to an organization that has not received an exemption determination letter deductible?

How can I determine if a particular organization is tax-exempt and eligible to receive tax-deductible contributions?

How can I obtain a copy of an organization’s annual return or exemption application?

What should I do if a section 501(c) organization will not let me see its Form 990 or 990-T returns or exemption application materials?

How do I report an organization that is violating its tax-exempt status?

Understanding Donors and Their Money

Are you planting seeds or weeds?

Bill’s Dilemma

Wanting To Be Heard!

Planned Giving

Nonprofit Vocation or Occupation?

Service After The Sale

A Unique Fundraising Idea

“Employers” Need To Apply

Frequently Asked Questions About Applying for Tax Exemption

What is the difference between non-profit and tax-exempt status?

How does an organization become tax-exempt?

Do I need a tax-exempt number for my organization?

How do I get an Employer Identification Number (EIN) for my organization?

How do I obtain an application for tax-exempt status?

Exempt Organizations User Fees

How long does it take to process an application for exemption?

How can my application for tax-exempt status be expedited?

Is an exemption application subject to public disclosure?

What if purposes or programs change after an application is submitted?

Must an organization whose corporate charter is reinstated after being administratively revoked or suspended by the state submit a new exemption application?

Does a government entity need to apply for exemption?

Where can I get more information about how an organization can apply for exemption from federal income tax?

What are my filing responsibilities once I receive/apply for my tax-exempt status?

Are there any exceptions to the requirement to file Form 990?

Are small tax-exempt organizations required to file an annual return?

What happens if I fail to file an annual return or annual electronic notice?

Will my organization’s exempt status be revoked if I filed a request to extend the due date for filing my annual information return?

Do individual members of a group exemption ruling have to file separate Form 990 returns?

What happens if my Form 990 is filed late?

What happens if my Form 990 is incomplete?

Can penalties for filing Form 990 late be abated?

Where do I file my annual return?

Is personal identifying information provided on an exempt organization return subject to public disclosure?

Annual Form Filing Requirements for Section 527 Organizations

Helping Nonprofits (NGOs) Overseas

Understanding Nonprofits in the United States

Creating A Donor For Life and Beyond!

Top Ten Employment Law Mistakes by Stacia W. Abner

Eight Tips for Deducting Charitable Contributions

Nonprofit Protocol

Selecting The Best Mailing List

Finding Paradise

Cultural Competence – Political Correctness

How One Donor Spends $50,000 Annually With Planned Gifts Of Over $1 Million

Be Cautious! Don’t Prostitute Your Good Nonprofit Name

Sustainable Fundraising

Growing your Donor!

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