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5 Ways to Write the Best Fundraising Emails

Email is an enormously powerful communication tool, but you won’t fully benefit from that power unless you follow a few tried-and-true best email practices. These are all based on looking through your...

Starting a Major Gifts Program Should Be on Every Nonprofit’s Agenda

Starting a Major Gifts Program Should Be on Every Nonprofit’s Agenda For nonprofits that question whether their organization is too small to have a major gifts program, the answer is clear: Even the...

Go from Surviving to Thriving at Your Nonprofit (Interview with Wayne Elsey)

Wayne Elsey, Author, “3 Key Elements to Take Your Nonprofit from Surviving to Thriving.” Let’s dive right in. You’ve written several books and now this one with DonorPerfect. Why? DonorPerfect has been a...

Fundraising Ideas

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Discover fresh and fun ways to raise more money for your cause. Pair innovative ideas with tried-and-true strategies to ensure your fundraising success.

How to Grow Your Nonprofit

Starting and maintaining a nonprofit organization can be far more difficult than dealing with the same issues in a typical corporation. In a perfect world, this would make other aspects of successfully running a nonprofit simpler, but this isn’t a...

Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising Ideas

Running a nonprofit isn’t an easy task, and one of the most difficult related aspects is raising money. While securing grants can go a long way in keeping the wheels turning, raising money from the public is essential if an organization hopes to do...

Top 3 School Fundraising Ideas

Top 3 School Fundraising Ideas

Anyone who’s ever been in charge of fundraising for a school or nonprofit can understand the numerous challenges that can arise. Fundraising means coming up with a good idea that will engage potential donors and have a high success rate. It...

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