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What is social media fundraising and should my nonprofit do it?

Social media fundraising is the utilization of social media platforms to gather funds for a nonprofit organization. Social media fundraising offers a plethora of opportunities for nonprofit organizations to...

Introduction to Nonprofit Accounting

Understanding the Nonprofit Sector Nonprofit organizations are crucial in addressing societal needs and driving positive change. As a nonprofit professional, it’s essential to grasp the unique...

Technology Pitfalls and Challenges for New Nonprofits

Technology can be a powerful tool for nonprofits, but it can also be a source of challenges and headaches. Here are some common technology pitfalls and frustrations faced by startup nonprofits. Knowing these...

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New ways to raise money, save time, and expand your network are popping up every day in the nonprofit community. Stay in the know about the tools and resources you can leverage to help your organization grow.

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