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How to Create the Best Fundraising Videos

A well-crafted video can forge that essential emotional connection with its audience in a matter of seconds, the kind of connection that inspires the viewer to take action. The positive results that a visual...

Go from Surviving to Thriving at Your Nonprofit (Interview with Wayne Elsey)

Wayne Elsey, Author, “3 Key Elements to Take Your Nonprofit from Surviving to Thriving.” Let’s dive right in. You’ve written several books and now this one with DonorPerfect. Why? DonorPerfect has been a...

Nonprofit Grant Review Site GrantAdvisor is the Disruptive Tool Fundraisers Need

This post was contributed by Wayne Elsey, founder and CEO of Elsey Enterprises. Philanthropy is not merely evolving. Disruption is taking place in all areas of our global society, and the primary force is...

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New ways to raise money, save time, and expand your network are popping up every day in the nonprofit community. Stay in the know about the tools and resources you can leverage to help your organization grow.

Nonprofit Fundraising Software

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Most nonprofits try to make due with general purpose business software like Excel, Microsoft Access, or QuickBooks to keep track of mailing lists and donations. These are good software products, but they aren’t designed to provide numerous critical...

Nonprofit Fundraising Software

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