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The following page list places to find surplus and new property for sale.

State and Local Surplus Property – Find surplus property sales and auctions from state and local government!

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specializes in managing non-cash donations for nonprofit organizations. By converting a wide range of donated inventories into cash, AdTech is able to increase cash funding to your nonprofit organization.

Consumer World – Over 1,500 of the most useful consumer resources on the Internet, and categorized them here for easy access. Loads of useful consumer information.

Buying Used Federal Property
Truth and information on Government property sales, plus links to all of the regional federal sale & auction location web sites. From your Guide.

FDIC Real Estate Sales
Complete information, locations, and calendars for bidding on real estate owned by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

Gifts in Kind America
A generous 3M corporate product donation in 1983 marked the beginning of Gifts In Kind International. Gifts In Kind International is the world’s leading nonprofit in product philanthropy and one of the largest nonprofits in the United States

A pioneer in the product giving space, we bring corporate America together with the nonprofit world to help people in need. This strong network allows us to deliver corporate resources needed to support important community programs across the country. Product donations include books, toys, personal care products and clothing, building supplies, computers and other technology products, and much more.

Over the past 27 years, Gifts In Kind distributed product donations valued at nearly $7 billion to over 50,000 recipient organizations serving a wide spectrum of people in need, including: at-risk youth, the homeless, older Americans who are struggling or ill, low-paid military families, victims of domestic abuse, refugees, immigrants, the illiterate, the under- and unemployed, victims of natural and man-made disaster, and many others. This is Canada-focused donation portal website, which provides free online donation processing.

In Kind Canada/In Kind Exchange Canada’s first “Gifts-in-Kind” program, its purpose is to match the material surpluses of companies with the needs of charitable organizations.

GSA’s Online Real Estate Auction
View and bid on homes, buildings, and land listed by GSA’s Real Property Disposal division. You can also see current bids as they are submitted.

Homes For Sale
Links to homes and apartments being sold by HUD and several other government agencies.

IRS Auctions and Sales
Current item categories include autos, real estate, antiques, art, jewelry, household goods and more. Public sales, no online bidding.

National Association for the Exchange of Industrial Resources (NAEIR)
NAEIR is a nonprofit organization founded in 1977 and dedicated to soliciting donations of valuable, new merchandise from American corporations and redistributing this merchandise to members, nonprofit organizations, churches, and schools.

Start-Rite has the living essentials you need, at wholesale prices! Our line of products include baby care kits, basic kitchen accessories, personal hygiene kits, bathroom toiletries, first aid kits, dish racks, eating utensils, and bedding accessories.

US Postal Service Auctions
The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) auctions a wide variety of items that have been lost in the mail, are unclaimed, or on which an insurance claim has been paid. Sales of this merchandise are referred to as mail recovery auctions, although letters are not among the items offered for sale. The merchandise may include clocks, televisions, radios, tape recorders, jewelry, VCRs, and clothing. The USPS also has sales programs that sell excess postal vehicles, computers, workroom and office furniture, and electronic and hardware items for mail handling equipment.

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