Non Profit Financial Management

One way to ensure that you your organization is transparent and accountable financially is to be able to rely on the guidance of others that not only know what they are doing but have the talent to be able to explain it to others so it makes sense. The team at Diversified Nonprofit Services can do just that!

Diversified Nonprofit Services can help your organization with the following:

  • Provide a Financial Health Assessment to determine financial viability
  • Provide sample policies and procedures that assure organizational performance and transparency
  • Explain financial stewardship and its role in the organization
  • Define the role of Treasurer, Finance Committee and Audit Committee of the organization
  • Define the role of the Agency Executive and the Board of Directors in the Fiduciary activities of the organization
  • Identify the necessary filing forms to the United States Treasury Department
  • Develop a budgeting process based on Mission as well as organizational goals and objectives, including forecasts, comparison and analysis, reviews
  • Identify characteristics of financial health
  • Develop a cash flow and cash management analysis
  • Develop a Risk Management Plan

For more information and answers to the technical questions no one seems to know, contact Kevin Bingham with DNS Associates a full service consulting firm. The DNS team of professionals have taught countless nonprofits what it takes to be successful in running a nonprofit business from the ground up.

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