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How to secure grants webinar

Nonprofit Grant Writing

For many in the world of nonprofits, grant writing remains a daunting task. But it does not have to be this way; all you need are your professional skills and your proven passion for the organization. A huge part about writing a grant is simply...

Individual Assistance - A Guide for Help

Individual Assistance

If you need help, try searching locally for assistance to see what resources are available before launching into a full internet search. One place to start would be by dialing 211 on your phone or going to If this is not helpful, you...

5 Tips to Raise More Money in a Down Economy

5 Tips to Raise More Money in a Down Economy

The state of the economy has certainly been the talk in our industry, especially as it relates to giving forecasts as we approach the holidays. However, it’s not all doom and gloom. Even during the last recession (2001), individual giving still rose...

nonprofit museum fundraising

Fundraising an Ongoing Process for Museums

This post was originally published here (MilfordDailyNews). For dozens museums and nonprofit cultural institutions in Massachusetts, fundraising is a constant and necessary part of life. “It’s a continuing and ongoing process for us,” said Victoria...

Nonprofit financial management

Nonprofit Financial Management

One way to ensure that your organization is transparent and accountable financially is to be able to rely on the guidance of others that not only know what they are doing but have the talent to be able to explain it to others so it makes sense. The...