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The Best End-of-Year Fundraising Campaigns You’re Overlooking

The Best End-of-Year Fundraising Campaigns You're Overlooking

It’s not a coincidence that some of the most successful nonprofits also have the best end-of-year fundraising campaigns. The simple truth is that you can’t have one without the other. While you’ve probably got a few great ideas in mind, there are no doubt some campaign types you’re overlooking. Make sure you consider these in your strategizing.

Poker Games or Other Competitions

Most people love playing games, and if they can donate to their favorite nonprofit at the same time, it’s all the better. Organize an end-of-year poker tournament, bake off, football game, raffle or similar competition.

To make these successful, require a registration fee and get a nice prize donated from a local business that will appeal to donors and the community alike. A simple “dance off” raised over $1 million at Northwestern University, so competitions are definitely a big thing for nonprofits.

Theme Parties

Some of the best end-of-year fundraising campaigns take place at parties. It’s important to realize, though, that not all these parties have to be hoity-toity events. Create a party based on a certain theme, and people will come running.

If you’re having trouble coming up with a theme, just think of your favorite things in the world. It could a murder mystery night or an 80s flashback event. Harry Potter and superhero-themed events have also remained popular. Look online for some great ideas, and get ready for an exciting night.

Build Your End-of-Year Fundraiser Online

It’s understandable that many campaign organizers like the personal feel that comes along with physical letters being sent out. Some of the best fundraising ideas incorporate several outreach methods. When it comes down to it, though, utilizing an online fundraising platform is essential in this day and age.

The best nonprofit tools use technologies that evolved from the business world. These types of tools will not only help you increase outreach, but they’ll also assist in keeping track of strategies that work and those that don’t. In the end, this only improves your end-of-year fundraising efforts.

Achieving Fundraising Success

What constitutes the best end-of-year fundraising campaign for one nonprofit could vary drastically from another’s. You have to find what works best for your organization. To do so, though, you need to know all your options. Including these strategies with those you’re already considering will ensure that your end-of-year fundraising campaign is as successful as possible.

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