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The Board’s Role in Fundraising

This Expert Webcast was hosted by Linda Lysakowski, ACFRE, a seasoned nonprofit consultant. The title of the webcast was The Board’s Role in Fundraising. Linda offered valuable advice to increase the effectiveness of the board.

Download the webinar materials here.

While the entire webcast and presentation are available above, I’ll summarize below some of the major points:

  • Recruiting the right candidate and conveying the responsibilities of the board are the key components to having a successful contributor “on board.”
  • Every board member must understand his or her role, whether they are a new member or one already engaged with your organization. Convey that role in the description of that position and incorporate it into several aspects of your organization.
  • Orientation of the board should make them supporters of your mission. They need to believe in your mission, and they also need to make contributions that are at meaningful levels.
  • If the board is not giving to your organization, they probably are not going to be as successful at asking others to give.
  • Make sure that the board is involved in your development plan. The board should also have a presence on your development committee.
  • Several ways exist for the board to raise money without even asking directly. By introducing various methods of raising money, some members who are not experienced fundraisers can be made more successful.

DonorPerfect has a tool that helps you gauge the success of your board. In the Moves Management module, you have the ability to identify the solicitors, constituents, and actions that go into an organized plan. You also can monitor the progress made toward financial goals by running several reports at any point in your moves plan.

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