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Friends Don’t Let Friends Raise Money Alone

Where would we be without our friends and family? Sure, you’d save a lot of money during the holidays on gifts, but no ugly sweaters would come your way either! You’d have eat that entire birthday cake yourself, and while that sounds good on paper, trust me, it’s not (that’s experience talking). Rides to the airport, moving, “can I borrow $20 ’til Tuesday” – all great reasons why we love our family and friends.

In the nonprofit world, there is another great reason: these are the people who donate to your mission when you ask your constituents to raise money on your behalf. Is as simple as this – your constituents love your nonprofit, and their friends and family love them! So when your constituents are in your 5K run, walk-athon, golf event, bake sale, team event, annual appeal – you name it, they are the people they’re going to ask to support them. When asked why they donate to a particular organization, over 50% of donors say, “Because a friend asked me!”

Friends-asking-friends (or peer-to-peer, or social network) fundraising has been around a long time, but it’s never been easier thanks to technology. Our DonorPages product lets nonprofits set up individual or team pages for your events. You control the overall look and feel, and allow them to personalize it. All the funds raised online goes right into your bank, and the donor data and future acknowledgments are handled by DonorPerfect. So the whole experience is automated, reducing work and making it easier for everyone. With spring events coming up, now’s the time to look into setting up a program like DonorPages.

Now, please excuse me. I have to go help my friend move, then take him to the airport, give him back that $20 I was supposed to give him on Tuesday, and finally give him his birthday and holiday gift. So I’m a few months late, and we’ll probably miss his flight – he’ll understand – we’re friends!

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