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This post was originally published here (The TechSoup Blog)

Earlier this year, we told you about all the resources available at TechSoup for learning to use technology. But what if you need more?

Finding Quick Technology Answers Beyond TechSoup

Because we know that TechSoup may not be able to answer all of your really specific technology questions, here are some of our favorite sites. Plus, we’ve got some techniques we recommend that are useful for targeted searches.

  • Search engines like Google and Bing will often be your first stop when you have a question. Get more out of Google by using its advanced search techniques. Check out this handy search primer for Bing. Search tricks can save you time by narrowing your search much faster.
  • Wikipedia is another frequent starting point. It’s good at showing how a particular technical topic relates to other subjects, and you can usually find useful links at the bottom of articles.
  • Webopedia is an online computer dictionary and a good quick reference source. It has helpful, succinct articles like The Difference Between CRM and ERP.
  • The “In Plain English” video series from Common Craft provides short (three-minute) video introductions to technology topics.
  • Lifewire has interesting how-to and fix-it articles written by subject experts. Its specialty is tech advice without the jargon.
  • How Stuff Works and How-To-Geek also offer articles, graphics, and video tutorials on technology topics.
  • Finally, YouTube is arguably the go-to place nowadays for really specific and short how-to videos. I did a search yesterday on “how to block robocalls on Android.” So handy.

We hope that you take full advantage of our learning resources at TechSoup and beyond. For TechSoup resources, see our recent blog post.

Nearly everything we have listed above is free, plus all of the content on TechSoup is Creative Commonslicensed. This means you can take our training content, post it on your website, use it in social media, or use it in your trainings or newsletters. Just link the piece back to us to give us attribution. You don’t even need to ask us for permission!

If you have other technology training resources that you find useful, please sign in and tell us.

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