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Annual giving program planning

Developing an Annual Giving Program

Annual Giving: A Basic Guide First, let’s talk a little about giving in general! If you ask a donor to give to your cause then you need to be able to show that donor that you are using his or her money wisely! People give to people not just...

Donor Loyalty and Donor Retention

Building Donor Loyalty

When looking for new donors and viewing current donors, nonprofits many times use a microscope whereby they seek to identify two critical elements. First, what is the likelihood or propensity for that person to give? Secondly, what is the actual...

Planned Giving

Planned Giving

What are planned gifts… Planned gifts include gifts through a will, charitable gift annuities, gifts of life insurance, charitable trusts and more. Below is a brief list of some of the most common types of assets that you can donate to charity. Note...

Why People (and Foundations) Give Away Their Money

A great deal of unnecessary mystery surrounds the process of philanthropy (a fancy word for “giving away money”). Dozens of books, articles, and sociological studies have analyzed the typical donor, trying to understand the philanthropic...