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Why People Give Donations to a Cause

Why People Give

Why do people give to a cause? Have you ever asked yourself why it seems that some people are so generous with their time? You may know people who are also generous with their money. You may still know others who are generous with both their time...

Know Women’s Philanthropic Preferences

This post was originally published here (The NonProfit Times) Young women donors today are holding their own when it comes to charitable giving, contrary to those who say that younger generations — Millennials and Gen Xers — are less generous than...

Monthly Giving Program

Top 5 Reasons for Monthly Giving

Written by Erica Waasdorp, Monthly Giving Expert and President of A Direct Solution You must absolutely start a monthly giving program. There, I’ve said it. And you’ll hear me say it time and time again. But why is this so important? I’ll tell you...