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Want to raise more money online?

Sure it’s a rhetorical question. But are you really encouraging online donations in your direct mail solicitations? Not just by mentioning it as an option, but making it clear that it is the fastest, easiest and most cost effective way for the donor to give to your cause. Why not even offer an incentive for those who make their donation online?

Why push donors to give online?

It generates larger gifts – As much as 30% more according to studies I’ve read!

Collects email addresses – Virtually 100% of online donors will provide their current email address vs. much lower rates when you ask for the email address by other means.

Increases website visitors – Giving you an opportunity to tell them more about your programs and achievements.

Potential to promote recurring gifts – A well-designed donation page can present donors the option and encourage them to make a recurring monthly pledge, instead of one-time gift. By doing this via an online (vs. paper) form it’s easier to step the donor through providing the necessary information and authorization.

Encouraging donors to make their gift online might take a little initial effort but I can assure you that the long-term benefits will make it well worthwhile.

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