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YouTube Strategy for Nonprofits

Top 10 Things to Consider When Making a YouTube Strategy

If your fundraising and marketing efforts include video, or you’ve been thinking of adding videos to your mix, Ben Relles can offer tips on improving your YouTube strategy. Ben was our speaker at our Expert Webcast on May 8.

Using examples of popular videos, Ben shared his Top Ten list for increasing the number of times it is viewed and forwarded, which include the following:

  1. Shareability – Your message must be relatable and viewers must identify with it in order to share it.
  2. Conversation – Your video should engage the viewer as if you were speaking directly to him/her.
  3. Interactivity – Does your video pull the audience in and ask for action? Requesting topics for future videos is one way to engage the viewer.
  4. Consistency – Viewers are more likely to “like” and share your videos if they can predict the quality of your video. You should include recurring elements in your series.
  5. Targeting – As with any marketing program, you should know your targeted viewer for the specific media.
  6. Sustainability – Be prepared to produce many videos if your videos are well-received.
  7. Discoverability – You need to ensure that your videos will be identified when potential viewers search for relevant topics since YouTube is the second largest search engine. The use of titles and tags is key to optimizing search results.
  8. Accessibility – Each video should be developed as if it were to be watched by a new viewer.
  9. Collaboration – Can you tap into the fans of other channels? Can you feature a celebrity?
  10. Inspiration – This is probably the most important factor for nonprofits because you can speak about your mission or some current issue affecting your community.

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Once your videos have been launched, you will want to monitor the popularity of your channel. To learn more about YouTube’s nonprofit program, visit