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Tips for a Successful Capital Campaign

Watch this webinar to learn the secrets of a successful capital campaign. This Nonprofit Expert webinar features Susan L. Axelrod, CFRE, PFR, who presented her thoughts and tips on “How to Run a Successful Capital Campaign”

Susan approached the task of presenting advice on a popular topic in the form of tips. Below are some of the significant ones:

  1. Many popular resources are available on Capital Campaign Planning, such as, Capital Campaigns: Strategies that Work by Andrea Kihlstedt, and Preparing Your Capital Campaign by Marilyn Bancel, CFRE.
  2. A feasibility study is critical to undertaking a capital campaign.
  3. The active presence of a campaign cabinet will guide the campaign along. The cabinet must work along with a designated campaign director.
  4. You should have defined administrative support staff, as well as donor tracking software such as DonorPerfect. Campaign progress must be tracked and reported continually.
  5. Design your recognition and marketing materials thoughtfully.
  6. Don’t be afraid to make a dual ask; an annual appeal and campaign ask can be made at the same time.
  7. Include an endowment portion in a capital campaign.

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